04 May 2023

French is Fun Day at St. Joseph school, Paola

On Wednesday 23rd November 2022, the Senior 1 and 2 students who study French enjoyed themselves during the French is Fun Day since the mentioned girls brought various foods with them from home, prepared by themselves and a guardian of theirs. They presented in French what they had cooked/prepared in advance or what they got with them, they wrote down stuff linked to the ‘cuisine’ on the board, they tasted the French culinary delicacies of each other and, finally, they shared the delicious ‘alimentation’ with other students, and with the teaching staff too. It is interesting to note that there was the display of a variety of French nourriture, such as baguette au jambon, quiche, crêpes, croissants au chocolat – faits à la maison, tarte aux pommes, macarons, and so on.