18 Jan 2024

French is Fun Day at St. Joseph secondary school

On Tuesday 12th December 2023, the Senior 1 and 2 pupils who study French enjoyed themselves during the French is Fun Day since these students brought some food items with them from home, prepared by themselves and a family member of theirs. A couple of photos were taken and, then, the girls presented in French what they had cooked/prepared in advance or what they bought as well. They wrote down ‘French is fun’ on the board, they tasted the French delicacies of each other and, finally, they shared their tasty food with the other students in their class, and with some of the teaching staff as well. Indeed, there was a vast variety of French alimentation, such as baguette au jambon et au fromage, quiche Lorraine, crêpes au chocolat, croissants au chocolat – faits à la maison – et à la vanille & aux cerises, tarte aux pommes, macarons, and so on.


French is Fun day at St. Joseph Secondary School – YouTube

French is Fun day at St. Joseph secondary school – YouTube